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“There is no better time than now to start living healthy”

At Samsara we strongly believe in overall well-being; we incorporate Western and Eastern based therapists and modalities to cater for all health issues. Known to the Mornington Peninsula, as their local wellness studio, we love being able to provide a broad range of high quality treatments in a rejuvenating clinic.



Myotherapy is a specialised treatment for muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue structures. To help ease your muscular pain a treatment may involve; a client history, testing, massage techniques, cupping, dry needling, trigger point release, mobilisation and corrective exercises or stretches.

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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture helps with physical pains, digestive issues, cold and flus, fertility support and much more. A session can involve pulse and tongue diagnosis, acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxa, herbs and advice.

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Natural Fertility Support

Pregnancy is such an amazing and delicate phenomena, that even a slight imbalance in the body can lead to an inability to conceive. Our Natural Fertility Specialists use Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to help with infertility or pregnancy issues, so couples can conceive naturally. Can also assist stimulating labour.

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Specialists in Massage! For those who like firmer pressure with therapeutic benefits, we have Remedial and Deep Tissue Massages. We also offer Relaxation Massages, Essential Oil Massages & Indian Scalp Massages to de-stress and unwind the mind and body, also an amazing refreshing experience!

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Naturopathy & Holistic Nutrition

A Naturopath / Holistic Nutritionist looks into the essence of good nutrition in regard to a person’s health but also assesses lifestyle and environmental aspects to bring about a natural state of innate wellness. During a consultation we analyse your current diet, digestive functioning and nutrient status.

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Kinesiology is non-invasive and uses muscle feedback and body awareness to help reduce pain and stress, promote health and wellbeing and improve performance at home, work, school, sports and with relationships. It works at balancing the body as a “whole” on the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels.

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Couples Counselling

Fed up arguing with your partner? There is a solution. Had enough of going over the same stuff and not finding the resolution? There is a space. Do you feel you are not being heard or understood? Would you like to understand the language between men and women?

Bring the love back into your relationship.

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A deep subconscious healing that can help smoking cessation, move on from past events, helping deal with severe anxiety, depression, low confidence and addictions. A session taps into your subconscious mind, this is where all your decision making and deeper thoughts come from.

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Emotional Healings
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Inner Child Healings
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Energetic Healings
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Beauty Treatments

Waxing, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Facials (Dermalogica), Peels, Skin Mapping, Eyelash Extensions & Refills (natural set & russian volume), Ecotan Spray Tans (100% organic & natural tans), Massages & Spa Packages available.


Barre Pilates
Mindfulness Meditation
Monthly Spiritual Meditation

Products In Store

Dermalogica ~ Skin care and kits
Eco Tan ~ Gradual and overnight tanning & exfoliants
Doterra ~ Essential oils & diffusers
Jewellery ~ Earrings, pendants & rings
Metagenics ~ Health tablets for Men & Women
Sports ~ Foam rollers, creams, massage balls & rock tape
GIFT VOUCHERS ~ for products or services



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