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Britt Robertson

Britt Robertson Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Acupunctrist, Fertility Coach and 

Co Owner of Samsara.

Lover of women's reproductive health and natural fertility support.  She has also had amazing success with irriatable bowel problems, chronic fatigue, skin issues,  period pain, prostate issues, insomnia, underlying parasites and bugs & immune health, like colds and flus. Britt is patient, empathetic, mature and thinks outside the box with her treatments, is nuturing and honest.

Gemma Linnell

Gemma Linnell Myotherapist

Myotherapist, & Co Owner of Samasra. 

Known for a bit of love/hate relationship on the treatment table, due to her precision in finding the problem areas. Her favourite areas of treatment are hips, shoulders, necks and chronic issues. Gemma specalises in Dry Needling - so expect a few pins when you see her. She's upfront and honest, but is also caring and compassionate and brings these qualities to her treatments.

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Candice also known as "Candy" loves to chat and get to know people. She joined our team originally in 2016 and has always thrived in a team environment. 

She takes the time to understand and is a very good listener. WIth a bubbly personality, she's always up for a laugh or a chat. Candy enjoys numbers and is also studying book keeping.




(currently on maternity leave)

Teagan loves learning new things, previously worked in the child care industry before making the shift to the health & well being environment in 2018.  She has a kind heart, with a friendly personality. She really enjoys helping people and being around people.



Naturopath & Receptionist

Sarah is an integrative and holistic Naturopath, who uses individualised assessment and treatment stategories for her clients.

A gentle and humble personality, with direct honesty, who loves women's health in particular. But, also has a big interest in stress, gut problems, anxiety, improving sleep, balancing hormones and skin conditions. 



Colonic Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist & Aika Skin Therapist

Previously studying nursing and natural medicine, Clarissa found her love of Colonics in 2017 after the extreme health benefits she experienced as a client.

Clarissa has a nurturing and fun energy, she holds the space well, putting her clients at ease. She is respectful, open minded and enjoys learning. In 2019 she completed her massage training and fell in love with the Aika healing facial treatments. 



Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Dr. Lee Smith lives and breathes natural medicine. He has studied and practices meditation and Qi gong, alongside herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

His gentle nature and devotion to the internal arts, allows him to guide through difficult cases with personal experience, providing treatment and sound advice that will lead you on the right track to recovery. In his spare time Lee enjoys nature, adventures and foraging for herbs and nature's medicine.




With an intensive Yoga teaching background, John combines his knowledge of movement with muscle functioning and his Myotherapy skills. 

John specalises in back issues, in particular the thoracic (mid spine), as he believes the spine is crucial for overall well being and quality movement. 

He has firm hands and enjoys Dry Needling, Dynamic Cupping and assisting with corrective exercises to not just manage, but solve issues. 




Georgia is very passionate, fun loving and caring Myotherapist, who love helping people with their pain problems and improving their way of life for the long run. With a history of Pilates teaching, she draws upon these excerises to assist her client's recovery. 

With super-strong hands, there's no need to tell this one to press as hard as she wants. Georgia brings Dry Needling, Cupping, passive stretches, METs, MFR and exercises to her treatments when necassary. 

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Remedial Massage Therapist

Casey is fabulous at tailoring massage pressure and techniques depending on her clients needs. Coming from a sports backgroud, she has a naturally firm approach and really enjoys the Deep Tissue and Sports style Massages. 

She has an upbeat, bubbly personality and takes prides in making people feel at ease and relaxed.



Remedial Massage Therapist

A real hands on therapist! Tracy loves massage and can easily feel where tension and problems are. She is super caring and compassionate.

Having the perfect balance with working in health and well being settings and also spa settings, she enjoys all aspects of massage; from Remedial & Deep Tissue to Relaxation and Spa, METs, MFR, Trigger Point Theray and Cupping.



Remedial Massage Therapist 

& Reiki Massage



Beauty & Skin Therapist, Laser Hair Removal Therapist and 

Lash Technician 



Beauty  & Skin Therapist, Massage Therapist, Laser Hair Removal Therpist and Lash Technician



Laser Hair Removal Therapist, Massage, Skin & Spa Therapist 



Hypnotherapist, Reiki,  Ayurvedic Massage and 1:1 Meditation Therapist



Emotional Healings & Spiritual Counselling



Bowen Therapy & Reiki

Flique Injectables (Jess)


Registered Nurse: Anti Wrinkle Injections  & Fillers

Rye Chiropractics (Nick)


Kinesiology Chiropractor