Samsara Signature Detox Program

In need of a detox? or help hitting the reset button? 

This is a tailored detox program to help you cleanse, rekindle your energy, vitality, and bloom into your best self! This program includes naturopathic support using diet and lifestyle guidance, with the help of herbal and nutritional medicine, and colonic hydrotherapy. Together we will optimise your health and wellbeing with this supported Signature program. 

What does this include?

3 x Naturopathy Consults

3 x Naturopathy Consults

3 x Naturopathy Consults


  A full case history will be taken to thoroughly get to know you and gain an understanding of how your body is functioning as a whole, while identifying your main health concerns and health goals. You will be provided with meal planning and recipe ideas, along with herbal and nutritional medicine supplementation to facilitate detoxification as required.  

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3 x Colonic Sessions

3 x Naturopathy Consults

3 x Naturopathy Consults


  A colonic is the equivalent of a 3 day fast removing toxins that have attached to the bowel like plaque. This allows the liver to accelerate its function, ridding each cell of anything that is detrimental to your health. I have seen people lose 5 kg in one session of faecal matter that has been there for years. Reclaim your vitality, press the reset button and don’t let anything bog you down.  

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Discounted cost $479 *(normally $560)

 Colonics and Naturopathy work synergistically together to enhance the detoxifying effects of the body. Colonics do this by assisting with the clearing out of toxic waste and enhancing the absorption of herbal and nutritional medicine through the gastrointestinal tract. Colonics also hydrate every organ of the body and transport the herbs active constituents to target tissues. This helps herbs to exert their beneficial properties more potently, allowing each organ to function at a more optimal level. 

Signs and symptoms, you could benefit from a detox:

Weight gain

Fatigue/low energy

Digestive issues (bloating, flatulence, reflux, IBS, pain, discomfort, constipation, nausea, allergies, indigestion)


Anxiety and depression

Skin Conditions

Hormonal imbalance (PMS, heavy periods, painful periods)


Coated tongue / Fetid breath

Shallow completion / Dark circles under the eyes

Abnormal body odor

Cold hands and feet / Brittle nails and hair

Blood pressure up or down

Tension, Backache

Swelling of the legs

Cloudy thinking