Hay Fever and frequent Colds & Flu’s

Many people find themselves suffering colds and flu’s with every season changes. This can mean that some come down with symptoms 4 times a year or even more. Hay fever usually hits leading up to Spring, however some people can suffer all year round. This would more likely indicate allergies, but we will get to that.

Having a poor immune system can be quite debilitating. Time missed from work and social events, or the fear that one of the kids getting sick means that the whole family will come down with a nasty bug. Then it’s not just yourself you have to take care of but the whole family too.

You have probably been told to have the flu shot and that there is no known cure for a common cold. The old honey and lemon remedies, loading up on garlic and vitamin C. These are all things that can help but the true key to fending off viruses leading to colds and flu is in the building up your immune system.

How Can I Build Up My Immune System?

What Other Factors Can Lead to a Poor immune System.

Listening to the Whispers Before they Become Screams

 Avoiding stress, getting lots of sleep and eating a well-balanced diet helps, however how many of us can adhere to these rules of good health all the time? Often, we will become rundown through overdoing things, then we become ill. It’s the nature of the beast. We want to be able to lead full lifestyles but also not run the risk of getting sick too. Can we really have it all? 

Listening to the Whispers Before they Become Screams

What Other Factors Can Lead to a Poor immune System.

Listening to the Whispers Before they Become Screams

 In times during stress or lots of activity (busyness), our bodies do send us signals. Often, we will ignore these subtle messages as we simply “Don’t have time to be sick”. Somehow, we think that by pushing through and ignoring what our body is telling us that the symptoms will go away. No. As our body’s whispers turn into screams, we can tend to quite quickly fall into a heap. 

What Other Factors Can Lead to a Poor immune System.

What Other Factors Can Lead to a Poor immune System.

What Other Factors Can Lead to a Poor immune System.

  •  Excessive antibiotic use
  • The use or steroidal medications
  • Poor gut health (Leading to poor immunity or allergies)
  • Past viral or bacterial infections that haven’t quite left the body

What Can Complimentary Treatments Offer Me @ Samsara?

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine can be implemented to assist with many underlying health issues that can often lead to poor immune function. These areas include:

Gut Support: Did you know that your gut and its microflora can have a huge impact on your immune system? An unhealthy digestive system can lead to poor immunity. If your digestion isn’t quite right, then it could be a factor leading to frequent colds and flus. If you have taken lots of antibiotics over your lifetime, this can greatly reduce the health of your gut microflora. Certain food allergies can also be a result of a compromised immune and digestive system.

Hay Fever: As mention previously, your immune system (including allergies) can be greatly affected by the health of digestive system. Building up your gut health can not only strengthen your resilience to cold and flu’s but also lower your risk of being affected by allergens.

Chronic Sinusitis: Chronic sinuses can be like a revolving door. You get run down, sick, then your sinuses become compromised to the point of needing antibiotics. Your gut micro-flora is destroyed leading to lowered immunity, then you are at an increased risk of picking up another virus and again the cycle repeats.

Hidden/Latent Pathogens: Often people will experience on/off flu like symptoms that never seem to eventuate, they may have glands that are constantly flaring up. They may also feel constantly tired or run down. These people can have what is known as a hidden pathogen. This can be brought on by excessive antibiotic use, past viral infections such as glandular fever or even bacterial infections such as tonsillitis & sinusitis to name a few.

Inflammation: We will mention inflammation here as our inflammatory pathways can greatly affect our overall health. Sometimes our immune system can be underactive leading to frequent colds and flu’s. However, it can sometimes be overactive leading to auto immune illnesses. This can be tied in with hidden pathogen theory or even poor digestive health. Inflammation not only affects our immune responses to colds and flus, but can also affect our joints, muscles and even our ability to conceive. This is a huge topic but is placed here as it can often form a part of the bigger picture. Look into further subheadings or blogs that specifically relate to inflammation. It really is the at the root of many health concerns and issues.

Preventing Cold’s, Flu’s and Hay fever:

 Herbal medicine can be used before seasonal changes or with the onset of symptoms to reduce the severity and duration of the conditions. Of course, its best to do the work before becoming ill as prevention is better than cure. However, if you find yourself run down, at the start of a cold/flu or right in the thick of an illness then seeking complimentary medical assistance can help.

Also, if antibiotic use can be avoided (sometimes necessary) then that will help protect the gut from subsequent insult. Insult that can then lead to further depletion of the immune system, perpetuating the cycle that suffers often find themselves in.

For further information please refer to the blogs regarding these conditions. Also, these blogs are a way for you to discover which modality best resonates with you and your health concerns and outcomes. So, they are definitely worth checking out.