Ayurvedic Skin Rituals

  Mindful understanding underlies the Ayurvedic way of whole being wellness. Drawing from centuries of wisdom, our approach is to see the whole person; where skin, body and emotions are harmoniously balanced for inner, outer and lasting beauty and health. All Aika signature facial treatments commence with an Ayurvedic elemental dosha consultation (vata, pitta and kapha) with your therapist to determine the best products for nurturing your skin and target areas of concern. 

Treatments & Prices


 60 minutes – $139 

This luscious  signature facial boasts Ayurvedic healing for your specific Dosha and skin needs. 


 Targets – built-up environmental pollution, excess oil, congestion and blemishes Benefits – fresh, clear and balanced skin 


 Targets – dryness, dehydration, premature ageing, dullness and fine lines Benefits – smooth, nourished and dewy soft skin 


 Targets – sensitivity, redness, combination skin and dehydration Benefits – calmed, nourished and hydrated skin 

*A survey will be done at the start of your treatment to determine your Dosha.  


 90 minutes – $189
Targets – bespoke facial for creating elemental synergy for total skin and soul rejuvenation. Benefits – glowing skin, soothed emotions and a peaceful mind.

This Ayurvedic healing facial begins with an anointing of the feet where your feet are cleansed and massaged. A warm aromatic oil infusion and exfoliation for your back relieves any tension and prepares you for the ultimate facial experience. Ayurvedic herbs, oils, clays and aromatic essences are freshly blended and bespoke for your elemental nature to deeply cleanse, polish, balance and regenerate your skin. Our signature meditative facial massage gently stimulates the Marma vital energy points of your face and is firming and lifting, moves lymph and increases oxygenation to leave you skin glowing with vitality and health. This elemental experience is complemented with a hair and scalp massage, Pranic breathing, yogic stretching and a guided relaxation that soothes the mind and nourishes your soul.



 45 minutes – $99
Targets – express treatment for refreshed skin and a relaxed mind Benefits – cleansed, hydrated skin and a feeling of wellbeing

A precious moment of relaxation and escape customised for your unique elemental nature when time is of the essence. Deep clay cleansing and Ayur-aromatic compresses purifies both your skin and mind by brushing away fatigue and relaxing your features. Softness and smoothness is returned with a rich creamy pure polishing treatment that is freshly activated for optimum skin renewal. Refreshing tonics are misted and pressed onto your skin before a hydrating balm is massaged for deep skin nourishment and protection.


 75 minutes – $169
Targets – uneven skin texture, roughness, pigmentation and dehydration Benefits – instant smoothness, increased hydration, softness and clarity

A highly potent, yet gentle skin renewing and resurfacing facial treatment that smooths, revitalises and stimulates cellular turnover to banish uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dehydration and bring freshness and softness back to your skin. This skin regenerating treatment is rich in organic tropical fruit enzymes and instantly improves surface dryness and roughness and restores a healthy cell renewal cycle. Your skin will be deeply cleansed and massaged before a gentle polishing treatment is applied for surface exfoliation. This is followed by the application of a Fruit Enzyme Mask rich in organic fruit AHA’s for deep enzymatic exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. Your skin’s texture becomes noticeably softer, smoother and essential hydration is replenished for a fresh glow.


 75 minutes – $169
Targets – loss of tone, dullness, dryness and devitalised skin 

Benefits – increased brightness, improved circulation, elasticity and firmness

Rich in botanical marine extracts, this facial uses the powerful synergy of amino acid rich ocean plants to increase micro-circulation, revitalise and banish lacklustre and tired skin. Deep cleansing is tailored to your unique skin needs and enhanced with an exquisite signature facial massage for awakening your skin’s energy. This is the perfect treatment to firm, tone and plump devitalised skin to increase elasticity and suppleness. Relax as you enjoy warm, soothing facial compresses and a freshly activated Ocean Oxygenating Mask that promotes oxygen production and circulation in the skin and combats the damaging effects of free radicals to support cellular repair and bring vitality and radiance to your skin.

Organic Spa Skin Treatments

OrganicSpa is an exclusive range that has been formulated using the best nature offers with vitamins, oils and actives that ensure each product and treatment are results-driven. Combining the last decade of science, therapeutic plant extracts and certified organic and active ingredients: OrganicSpa was created, proudly being certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and with recyclable or biodegradable eco-friendly packaging.

Treatment & prices

Signature Repair Facial

60 minutes – $95
Revitalise. Clarify. Cleanse.

Our Signature facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliate, face and soothing scalp massage, a high potency masque (gel, clay or cream tailored to your skin’s needs) and serum that is deeply penetrated into the skin using jade rollers; followed by moisturiser and an eye treatment. Our facials include hot towels throughout the treatment, designed to remove products correctly and open pores for best product absorption.

Biohydra Facial

 45 minutes – $95
Soothe. Hydrate. Replenish. 

Are you suffering from dry skin? 

Need a replenishing facial to restore moisture and glow back into your skin? 

This treatment if designed to permeate, then lock active moisture into the skin for the ultimate hydration facial. Our Biohydra facial includes a cleanse, exfoliate, tone, masque with a facial pressure point massage, moisturiser, eye treatment and serum that is deeply penetrated into the skin using jade rollers.

Extraction Facial

 45 minutes – $95
Cleanse. Extract. Repair.  

Congestion is no ones friend! Unblock pores with this deep exfoliation & cleanse. Your skin will be left feeling fresh, renewed and smooth, perfect for all skin types:

With a triple cleanse, skin exfoliation, skin vacuumed with deeply clean the skin and release congestion in pores, finished with eye serum and moisturiser. With the added bliss of hot towels and steam if it is necessary.

Multi-Detox Clay Treatment

 60 minutes – $120
Detoxify. Rebalance. Brighten. 


Signature facial, plus a high potency multi-clay masque is excellent for all skin types, but in particular aged or acne prone issues. It’s aimed to calm and rebalance unhealthy skin, containing Kaolin, Green tea extract, Hyaluronic acid and Bentonite; which promotes cell detoxification. This masque draws out impurities and the moisture is restored to help smooth away fine lines and leave your skin visibly brighter and firmer.

Age Vita-Renewal Treatment

 60 minutes – $120
Repair. Strengthen. Replenish

Signature facial, plus a revitalising power boost with this treatment designed on a high concentration of vitamin C & E. This vitamin masque contains powerful antioxidants which enable the skin tissue to strengthen and repair. Infused with Green Tea Powder, the treatment is not only an antioxidant boost, but will restoring radiance and reduce the visible signs of aging; also fabulous for dry skin types.

The Deluxe Skin Treatment

 90 minutes – $170
Nourish. Stimulate. Repair.

Signature facial + Peel. This  advanced treatment involves exfoliating, stimulating and brightening; while nourishing and nurturing the skin simultaneously.

Experience a spine tingling head and scalp massage, soothing hot towels and infused jade rollers for this touch of heaven facial.

Reap the benefits of combining our Signature Facial, tailored to your skin’s needs and blending AHA’s with enzymes for the most luxury peels.

peels only

AHA Rejuvenate Peel

30 minutes – $100
Exfoliate. Stimulate. Brighten.

This advanced rejuvenation formula is designed to created a glowing complexion, this peel contains a blend of natural alpha hydroxy acid and enzymes from fruit and other botanical sources to help to smooth and resurface the top skin layers. Unlike other AHA treatments that irritate and redden the skin, this formula contains the soothing ingredients of Aleo Vera and Olive leaf extract to help your skin feel cool, calm and refreshed. 

AHA, Lactic & Enzyme Peel

 30 minutes – $120
Refine. Resurface. Regenerate.

The lactic & enzyme peel compound  helps restore the skin's radiance, it combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders, to deliver a powerful active boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel. Perfect for aging skin concerns or mature clients, as this peel increases cell turnover, while smoothing and resurfacing the stop skin layers while improving hydration. *Not suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.