Ayurvedic Skin Rituals & Spa Treatments

  This exculsive range is drawn from centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom, using Aika our approach is to see the whole person; where skin, body and emotions are harmoniously balanced for inner, outer and lasting beauty and health. All Aika facial treatments commence with an Ayurvedic elemental dosha consultation (Vata, pitta and kapha) with your therapist to determine the best products for nurturing your skin and target areas of concern.

 Aika products are fully recyclable, eco-friendly, cruelty free and one of the only companies that is 100% organic in all products. They don’t use display boxes, to minimise the impact of deforestation.  

Aika is the Winner of Australian Organic Annual Awards
and Winner of Certified Organic Cosmetic of the Year. 

We proudly stock Aika skin care range in store and use their professional range for our skin treatments.

the 3 skin dosha are...



Targets – oily to normal skin, detoxing, acne, blackheads, excess oil, congestion and blemishes. 

Benefits – deep cleanse, fresh, clear and balanced skin.



 Targets – dryness, dehydration, premature ageing, dullness and fine lines.

Benefits – firming, toning, hydrating and dewy soft skin. 



Targets – combo skin/sensitivity, redness, inflammation, red acne and dehydration. 

Benefits – calmed, nourished and hydrated skin.

Skin Rituals: Facials & Peels

Samsara's Signature Skin Ritual

60 minutes – $119

Our luscious Signature facial is an Ayurvedic healing skin ritual that is designed for your DOSHA and specific skin needs. It includes a double cleanse, gentle polish exfoliant, warm compression for skin regeneration, high potency face and eye masque (tailored to your skin’s needs) and an elixir serum that is deeply penetrated into the skin using jade rollers; followed by moisturisering balm.

Our facials include a hand and arm or scalp massage, with hot towels throughout the treatment, designed to remove products correctly and open pores for best product absorption. 


Hydrating Elemental Facial

 45 minutes – $95
Targets – express treatment for refreshed skin and a relaxed mind Benefits – cleansed, hydrated skin and a feeling of wellbeing

A precious escape customised for your unique elemental nature when time is of the essence. A deep clay double cleane and Ayur-aromatic compresses purifies both your skin and mind by brushing away fatigue and relaxing your features. Softness and smoothness is returned with a rich creamy pure polishing treatment that is freshly activated for optimum skin renewal. Refreshing tonics are misted and pressed onto your skin before a hydrating balm is massaged for deep skin nourishment and protection.

AHA + Fruit Enzyme & Peel

 75 minutes – $139
Targets – uneven skin texture, sun damage, and pigmentation.

Benefits – resurfacing, increased hydration, softness and clarity.

A highly potent facial, yet gentle skin renewing and resurfacing peel that works with your skin chemistry. It smooths, revitalises and stimulates cellular turnover to banish uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dehydration and bring freshness and softness back to your skin. 

This skin regenerating treatment is rich in organic tropical fruit enzymes and instantly improves surface dryness and roughness and restores a healthy cell renewal cycle. Your skin will be deeply cleansed and massaged before a gentle polishing treatment is applied for surface exfoliation. This is followed by the application of a Fruit Enzyme Masque rich in organic fruit AHA’s for deep enzymatic exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. Your skin’s texture becomes noticeably softer, smoother and essential hydration is replenished for a fresh glow.

Oceanic Collagen Facial

 75 minutes – $139
Targets – loss of tone, anti-aging, dryness and devitalised skin.

Benefits – increased brightness, improved circulation, skin regeneration, elasticity and firmness.

Rich in botanical marine extracts, this facial uses the powerful synergy of amino acid rich ocean plants to increase micro-circulation, revitalise and banish lacklustre and tired skin. Deep cleansing is tailored to your unique skin needs and enhanced with an exquisite signature facial massage.

This is the perfect treatment to firm, tone and plump devitalised skin to increase elasticity and suppleness with marine collagen benefits. Relax as you enjoy warm, soothing facial compresses and a freshly activated Ocean Oxygenating Masque that promotes oxygen production and circulation in the skin and combats the damaging effects of free radicals to support cellular repair and bring vitality and radiance to your skin.

spa treatments & Packages

The Dutchess Skin Ritual

90 minutes – $169 

Targets – a royal facial for creating elemental synergy for total skin and soul rejuvenation. 

Benefits – glowing skin, soothed emotions and a peaceful mind.

This 90 minute Ayurvedic healing facial begins with a body balance and energy work, where your feet and back are cleansed and massaged. A warm aromatic oil infusion and exfoliation for your back relieves any tension and prepares you for the ultimate facial experience. Extending the Signature Skin Ritual, this elemental experience is complemented with a hair and scalp massage, yogic stretching and a guided relaxation that soothes the mind and nourishes your soul.

The Dukes Skin Ritual

 90 minutes – $169 

Targets – a bespoke treatment targeting masculine skin health, creating harmony and balance. 

Benefits – skin invigeration, deep pore cleanse and restoration.

This 90 minute Ayurvedic masculine treatment, focuses on the oily prone areas of the back and chest, followed by your Dosha diagnosed facial. It begins with a body balance and a warm salt exfoliating scrub, followed by an aromatic oil replenishing rub. Extending the Signature Skin Ritual, this treatment focuses on exfoliating the skin on the back, shoulders and chest, which can be prone to congestion, blackheads and acne and revitalising skin health for a youthful face.

The Blissfulness Package

90 minutes - $150 

120 minutes - $189 (Extended)

Combining a resotrative facial and massage package to enduldge in touch of heaven. Unwind with the benefits of our hydrating elemental facial, followed by 45 minute relaxation massage. An experience you wish would last all day. Float away with extending your spa package, which upgrades you to our Signature facial and an hour divine relaxation massage.

Serenity By the Sea

60 minutes - $130

120 minutes - $220 (Extended)

Using Ayurvedic oil and Himalyan crushed salt to gentle exfoliate and massage the skin. Polishing and refreshing the skin on the legs, back, arms and chest. Gently cleansing the body with hot towels, leaving your entire body feeling rejuvernated and your skin glowing. Extend your treatment to add our Signature Facial.