What is Bowen Therapy?


What is it? Bowen is a VERY GENTLE and RELAXING body therapy developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong. The practitioner’s hands gently deliver subtle moves over muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, which then stimulates the body to heal its self. Your body wants to be well, it just got caught up in some stress somewhere along the journey of life. The technique not only addresses musculoskeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs.

What is fascia? It is the web like covering that surrounds every vein, muscle, nerve, artery and all of our internal organs including our brain and spinal cord. The fascia holds a memory of all traumas whether it came from intense grief or a breakup, anything emotionally charged or physical, in the form of an injury or car accident. During these processes the fascia tightens and restricts and holds onto this trauma and can affect the whole body. This leads to pain and restriction in our bodies although this pain cannot be found on standard tests like CAT scans and X-rays etc. However, it can be felt in the body. Bowen helps the fascia to soften and return to its state before the trauma. This therapy can change a muscle/ pain spasm loop and increase flexibility in the fascia, which can have positive effects on posture and mobility and pain relief.

How does Bowen Therapy work?

What can Bowen Therapy help?

What can Bowen Therapy help?

It works by a piezoelectric current from the practitioner’s hands moving through the fascia. This current completes a cycle in 90 seconds to two minutes. The energy goes to where it is needed the most and is rarely painful. The next set of moves are conducted with another 90 second to 2 minutes wait.’ Beginning to return the body back to its original blueprint before the injury or dysfunction’. Results can be felt instantly or can be subtle and take up to 10 days depending on the individual.

The biggest thing that Bowen therapy does is put the body into the rest, digest and heal mode from the fight, flight and freeze mode. Rather than focusing on a single complaint the whole body is addressed, by restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls 80% of bodily functions and is very susceptible to external stressors.

You may not think that you are stressed or in a fight or flight mode but once you tune into your body, the tension can be evident in the shoulders, jaw, stomach or forehead; the list goes on. The whole body becomes relaxed and enters into the rest, digest and heal mode and sometimes clients fall asleep on the table. This is when the healing is activated and the body is switched by the Bowen into parasympathetic dominance (relax mode), as the body cannot heal when it is busy being stressed. In summary we must be in a state of relaxation to start healing and Bowen therapy gets you into this state.

What can Bowen Therapy help?

What can Bowen Therapy help?

What can Bowen Therapy help?


  • It can be used if you are in a constant state of stress or anxiety.
  • Detoxification.
  • Lymphatic drainage.
  • Back pain and sciatica.
  • Digestive and bowel problems.
  • Earache and TMJ problems.
  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Hip, knee and ankle problems.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Traumatic injuries.
  • Emotional release.
  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
  • Bed wetting in children above 3 years old. These treatments are conducted weekly for 4 consecutive weeks. Or until 7 nights of consecutive dryness occurs. This procedure can save the sanity of the parents and stress and embarrassment to the child. There is also an adult incontinence procedure, which can be helpful in older age or after childbirth.

Bowen Therapy Prices

 Adults (45 mins) $80

Children u/12 (30 mins) $55

Parent & Baby (45 mins) $80