Eco Tan

Eco Tan is a solution that is not only beautiful, it is also safe and free from all things nasty and artificial. Eco Tan colours do not contain synthetic food colouring and are made from natural Cacao, herbs, flower extract , fruit extract and chamomile from Mother Earth. Eco Tan only uses certified organics and naturals and will not compromise quality or safety.


  • Full Body “Honey Rich” 4hr Spray


Ingredients We Choose To Use

– Chamomile Flower Extract
– Avocado Oil
– Honeysuckle Flower Extract
– Rose Geranium Oil
– Grapeskin Extract
– Cacao
– Aloe Vera
– Macadamia Seed Oil
– Lavender Extract
– Grapefruit Extract

Ingredients We Choose NOT To Use

– Phenoxyethanol
– Propylene Glycol
– Pegs
– Parabens
– Animal Derivatives
– SD Alcohol
– Food Colouring & Artificial Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– Harmful Chemicals

Eco Tan is Suitable For

All skin types including people with skin conditions such as:
– Psoriasis
– Eczema
– Sensitive skin
Pregnant and breastfeeding women

What are some of the benefits of choosing certified organic?

– Organic products support sustainability as producing products organically reduces the dependence on non-renewable resources.
– Certified organic products are grown and manufactured without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, animal derivatives or GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism).
– The certified organic production process works in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our environment. The organic standards places great emphasis on building and sustaining healthy soil, crops and animal welfare.

The food we choose to eat and the products that we choose to use affect our health and quality of life. The last thing our bodies need is yet another source of synthetic and harmful chemicals that can be found in many every day products, as research has shown that most of what we put on our bodies gets absorbed into our blood stream.

Certified organic products are not just chemical free but have been grown, prepared and processed just the way nature intended.


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