Blissfulness Package

90 minutes = $150
Relax. Unwind. Heal.

The ultimate way to take time out for YOU!
Initially zone out with a peaceful, full body relaxation massage, then combine the skin healing properties of our tailored Signature facial. This package includes the divine touch of the jade rollers, scalp massage and pressure points for the most soothing way to unwind and replenish. 

*Also suitable for pregnancy. Please let us know at the time of booking, so you can lay face down on our pregnancy massage table. 


The Peninsula's Favourite

2 hours = $180
Renew. Boost. Heal.

Take relaxation to new heights with the this getaway package, known as the Peninsula’s favourite! 120 mins of pure paradise enjoyment. Enjoy a relaxation full body massage and a tailored Signature facial. Experience the pure joys of the infused jade rollers, head and scalp massage and pressure points, in this most booked Spa Package the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. 


Himalayan Salt Detox Package

2 hours = $190
Detox. Exfoliate. Relax.

Infused with over 84 mineral and trace elements, this exfoliating treatment is not only soothing but detoxifying on the body. This unique therapeutic treatment involves heated Himalayan salt bars that will not only melt away stress and tensions from aching muscles, but has significant health benefits for your skin, body and mind. Doubled with the skin benefits of our Signature facial, this treatment is in a league of it’s own.


The Escape Package

3 hours = $275
Restore. Relax. Refresh. 

Do you wish a massage would never end? Then hit the complete reset button with this extreme relaxation date with Samsara. You will feel completely restored and refreshed with an extreme relaxation massage. Combining the art of essential oils, infused jade rollers, scalp massage, face pressure point massage, soothing foot massage, a replenishing hand massage + a deluxe Signature facial tailored to your skin’s needs; this is the escape everyone desires. 


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salt massage rosebud