Physical Emotional Release Treatment (P.E.R.T)

P.E.R.T is a combination of multiple tools to access and release emotions that are being physically stored in the body. A session is tailored to listening to your body, to find out your physical holding patterns of stress or areas that are affected by emotion, literally by asking it through muscle testing. You are welcome to share areas of pain, or explain the emotions that you feel are currently holding you back/affecting you, or we can just search.

The treatment begins with muscle testing the physical priorities. This technique is painless and can be done standing (preferred) or lying down. You don’t need to actively do anything, except resist my pressure, your body will indicate with weakness when we hit a priority. From then we go through each area flagged and ask your body with muscle testing if there is Physical (structural) issues, emotional blocks, mental stress or spiritual problems. Sometimes there is a combination or multiple issues affecting the flagged areas: these are what we will work on during the session.

Depending on what is flagged as an issue, we may work through guided meditations with physical compression, breath work, embodiment work, head and heart alignment, joint mobilisations, trigger point release (if needed in subsequent sessions we can also access Dry Needling or Cupping as required, but will be discussed if so). Skin to skin contact is preferred, especially when massage techniques are required, but if you prefer to be fully clothed then please wear comfortable and looser or stretchy clothing.

Exercises and tools in subsequent sessions may be used in order to help shift into a space of mental clarity, alignment of core values, or help to move through blockages mentally and emotionally.

Who would this assist?

      • You feel tension from stress
    • Chronic pain
    • Feeling of numbness/ suppression
    • If you’re good, but want to be great, great but want to be amazing
    • Feeling of exhaustion, vital energy depleted
    • Previous trauma
    • Wanting more from life – a deeper feeling of freedom, joy, peace
    • Want clarity, unleash creativity

How did Physical Emotional Release Treatment (P.E.R.T) begin?

P.E.R.T was created over a year; combining many skill sets and knowledge from multiple modalities. Gemma (the therapist) comes from a science background, also being a highly skilled Myotherapist, she has noticed in the last few years a lot of her clients struggling with life or work stressors, emotional traumas or deeper blockages. Myotherapy is focused heavily on movement, mobility and physical pain relief, but the underlying questions – what if there were more than physical factors causing this pain?.. made Gemma explore how our emotional, mentally and spiritual well-being affects our physical body.

For example, ever felt so stressed you get aches through your shoulder or neck? Or so frustrated that you can feel it in your chest? Or ever been so anxious you can feel it around your throat and your heart and if left long enough making your stomach churn? These are all small examples of how you are physically experiencing discomfort caused from emotional or mental stress.

Having her mother die unexpectedly, when Gemma was in her early 20s, competing in high levels of sport and feeling that top pressure, from multiple jaw surgeries from a benign tumor, launching and running a business, being a Mum and like everyone else dealing with random life stresses; Gemma realised through a lot of mindset coaching, emotional healings, guided meditations and embodiment work on self development that the only way to truly heal any ‘pain’ is to move through it. Suppressing it, bottling it up or internalising it, may temporarily block it out, but it will resurface eventually to be faced and released in order to truly “heal”. Being more logically driven, she finds working through problems and situations quite easy, but that doesn’t actually mean you release the emotions attached to those events – and it’s just as important if not more so to do the embodiment work to shift those emotions. Because of her own experience and self work, it lead to the passion and desire to be able to help others feel the freedom by combining all these tools and courses into a particular treatment. ¬†With time, combining knowledge and skill sets P.E.R.T was created.

P.E.R.T Price

  • 1 hour treatment



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