Naturopathy & Holistic Nutrition

A Holistic Nutritionist looks into the essence of good nutrition in regard to a person’s health but also assesses lifestyle and environmental aspects to bring about a natural state of innate wellness.

During nutrition consultations we analyse your current diet, digestive functioning and nutrient status in order to make appropriate dietary recommendations and help you achieve more optimal health and wellness.

This will include dietary and lifestyle advice, and a wholefood supplement regime to correct imbalance and providing the right environment and knowledge for your body and its cells to function at their intended level.


Sessions can help with:

o    Weight Loss

o    Diabetes

o    Bloating

o    Diarrhea / Constipation Issues

o    Nutrient Deficiencies

o    Bowel problems

o    Liver problems

o    Depression

o    Mental Health Issues

o    Children’s Health

o    General Health Concerns

Appointment Prices

  • Initial 1hr
  • Subsequent 30mins

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