Increase your ability to connect with your Spiritual Guide and gain wisdom directly from the spiritual world.

This is a journey of self discovery, enlightening and focused on your personal growth. In a group environment the energy is shared and more intense than mediating alone.

Intense Meditation to boost your spiritual growth.

Facilitated by Accredited Medium ~ Deanne Freeman
Deanne has over 14 years experience of training and learning at an elite level with Sphinx Spiritual.
“With a solid foundation in spiritual knowledge I hope to inspire you to grow and live a more purposeful life with clarity and direction. I will teach you how to connect with your Guide through meditation and find a deeper purpose in life. I welcome you to share this experience with me.”


More information and bookings:
call: 0413 316 079

Class Dates & Times

  • Saturday, June 2nd
  • For further enquires please contact Deanne: 0413 316 079

Class Price

  • Bookings Required