At Samsara we use a grade IV Medical Laser for Laser Hair Removal, with the newest and most effective Syneron Candela: GentleLase PRO. The process involves a specialized light beam, which travels through the skin to the base of the unwanted hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigment surrounding the hair root, the laser energy heats the hair follicle and prevents hair growth. Unlike some other laser machines, the GentleLase uses cryogen to immediately cool the skin, making this process extremely comfortable.

There’s no need for razors forever or for lifetime waxing appointments, with laser hair removal now available in Rosebud! Fast, effective and pain free laser is an fantastic option solution for permanent hair reduction.

If you have ever been curious about Laser Hair Removal but have been worried about its efficacy, cost or whether or not it is as pain-free as is claimed, please feel free to drop into Samsara for a chat or ph: 5982 3571 for a complimentary patch test with one of our highly qualified laser hair reduction specialists.



Price list:

* Price key = 1 session | 6 sessions | 10 sessions

* 6 and 10 session prices are broken down to the cost per appointment

* The total fee must be paid upfront to be able to access the 6 or 10 package prices. (Or 2 installments, the first half upon initial appointment & second installment at your third session).

*If you do not need the 10 sessions, you will be given a gift voucher for Samsara with the remaining amount to spend as you desire


  • Lip or Chin
    $29 | $18 | $15
  • Neck (front or back)
    $35 | $28 | $22
  • Sideburns/ Side of face
    $40 | $32 | $26
  • Full Face
    $59 | $45 | $38

  • (Full face = cheeks if needed, sideburns, lip & chin)

  • Full Face & Neck
    $85 | $74 | $59
  • .

Upper Body

  • Snail Trail
    $35 | $28 | $22
  • Underarms
    $40 | $32 | $28
  • Arms – ½
    $80 | $65 | $50
  • Arms – full
    $115 | $100 | $89
  • Shoulders
    $65 | $45 | $39
  • Chest
    $99 | $80 | $72
  • Stomach
    $70 | $58 | $49
  • Back – ½
    $90 | $75 | $69
  • Back – full
    $119 | $ 105 | $90
  • Chest & Stomach
    $129 | $104 | $95
  • Back & Shoulders
    $149 | $119 | $99

Lower Body

  • Female- Bikini
    $49 | $39 | $30
  • Female- Brazilian
    $60 | $55 | $49
  • Buttocks (cheeks)
    $80 | $65 | $59
  • Legs – ½
    $115 | $109 | $99
  • Female Legs – full
    $159 | $129 | $109
  • Male Legs – full
    $199 | $160 | $135
  • .

Popular Packages

  • Lip & Chin
    $30 | $25 | $20
  • Female Bikini & U/A
    $59 | $45 | $33
  • Female Brazilian & U/A
    $70 | $62 | $50
  • Half Legs, Female Brazilian & U/A
    $165 | $140 | $119
  • Full Legs, Female Brazilian & U/A
    $189 | $160 | $139
  • Full Body Unlimited Areas – Females
    $349 | $289
  • Full Body Unlimited Areas – Males
    $399 | $329



Candela Laser Hair Removal FAQs

  • Why do some people use the term Laser Hair Reduction, rather then Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal is not quite the right term to use when talking about this type of technology, it’s more the laymen term that is used. The laser doesn’t actually remove the hair, it strongly limits the hair follicles ability to regrow new and future hair. The laser destroys not only the hair follicle, but the stem cells within the follicle therefore strongly limiting hair regrowth, resulting in more hair reduction with each treatment.

  • Is Candela Laser Hair Removal treatment permanent?

The results from using a Candela Laser Hair Removal machine allows for permanent hair reduction/ hair free in the majority of clients, a minimum of 80% permanent hair reduction after a course of 6-10 treatments should be expected, if not sooner. Hormonal conditions may cause hair regrowth and over time a few hairs may sprout. Hormonal changes may result from pregnancy, PCOS, menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). In these instants maintenance session once every 6 months are often required.

  • How many sessions will it take to remove all the hair?

On average it takes 6-8 treatments for the body, some people need up to 10 treatments depending on their hair growth cycle. For the face 8-10 treatments are often needed, in some cases clients need 12 to achieve optimal results. This is due to different stages of hair growth, with cycles varying around the body.

  • How do I know if I need a maintenance session after my course ?

If you find you having to shave patches or random hairs this would indicate that a maintenance session is required. This may occur 6 – 12 months after your package has finished, or if you have undergone a hormonal change (such as pregnancy or menopause). You only need a maintenance treatment if you are finding new hair growth. The cost for maintenance will be 50% off our single session price, of the area being treated.

  • Is it painful?

Minimally, the Candela GentleLase Pro is virtually a pain free laser solution using a Direct Cooling Device “DCD” with cryogen to cool the skin. This allows for a comfortable experience – much faster and less painful that waxing the area. There are also different strength settings, which can be turned up or down depending on your level of comfort.

  • Is it safe?

Yes, Candela Laser has been the world leader in hair reduction for over 2 decades worldwide, with over 10,000 GentleLase Pro systems operating around the globe. Candela also boasts full medical certification from the TGA, FDA and CE.

  • Can it prevent in-grown hairs?

Yes, with Laser we are targeting the hair follicle, bulb and stem cells under the surface, so it is perfect for preventing future in-grown hairs. Five days following treatment we encourage exfoliation to remove the treated hairs.

  • Can I have Laser if I have tattoos?

Yes you can, however not directly over a tattoo. We will appropriately protect your tattoo from Laser by covering it correctly and maintaining a safe parameter around the tattoo, this will avoid skin damage or the tattoo fading.

  • Can I have Laser treatments on my face if I have had fillers or botox?

Yes, however you must wait 2 weeks after botox and 4-6 weeks after injectable fillers if you are having Laser on your face.

  • Can Candela Laser Hair Removal cause cancer?

NO! It is 100% safe. Our Laser machine emits non-ionizing radiation, with the wavelength being visible at 755nm. Only ionizing radiation (under 400nm), like X-ray machines and UV rays etc are a risk.

  • I would like to buy a 6 or 10 session pack to benefit from the large discount that comes with bulk purchase, but cannot afford upfront payments right now. What can I do?

At Samsara we understand that money can be tight and that permanent hair reduction is a luxury that many feel is out of their price range. We want everyone to be able to afford laser and not be punished for not being able to make the total package payment upfront.

That is why at Samsara we offer Zip Pay. In this way you can purchase your bulk packages through them and we absorb the interest. You then pay Zip Pay for your laser in repayments (like After Pay).

In this way you can start your Laser sessions right away and also take advance of the savings that bulk purchase offers.

  • What do I need to do before my treatment?

To achieve optimal results we advise the following:
* No laser resurfacing and chemical peels over the are to be treated (4 weeks)
* Do not wax or pluck (6 weeks)
* Do not use fake tans, tanning moisturiser, solariums, tanning drugs (2 weeks)
* Avoid excess direct sun exposure (2 weeks)
* Do not use Retinol vitamin A or Hydroquinone whitening agent/ cream (3 days)
* Shave the area thoroughly (12 hours prior).

  • Are there any contraindications for Candela Laser Hair Removal therapy?  

There are some contraindications for laser, these include pregnancy, breast feeding, certain blood thinners (Warfarin), cancer, antibiotics and Roaccutane.

∗ Concerning the drug Roaccutane you must wait 6-12 months after stopping your medication and 2 weeks for antibiotics, for any area having laser treatment. Any medication or serious conditions you are unsure of, please get your doctor’s consent or let us know your concerns prior to your initial appointment.

  • Can you have Laser if you are pregnant or breast feeding?

The data isn’t in yet whether or not Laser hair removal therapy is safe during pregnancy, because this is an unknown, we err on the side of caution and avoid treating clients who are pregnant.

Any hormone changing life events such as pregnancy or breast feeding can activate hormonal hair growth. In that way it is advised to wait until after you have finished breastfeeding before commencing laser hair reduction treatments.  When investing your time and money into laser hair reduction therapy, we want you to get the best possible results in the minimum amount of sessions. For this reason we strongly advise waiting until all hormone affecting life factors (such as breastfeeding) have ceased.

  • What do I need to do after a treatment?

* Avoid very hot showers, baths or saunas (24 hours)
* Do not use perfume & deodorant over the area (24 hours)
* Avoid excess heat & exercise (24 hours)
* Avoid swimming in pools and spa with chemicals, salts or chlorine (24 hours)
* Do not wax, pluck or use depilatory creams (hair removal cream) during your Laser course
* Do not exfoliate for 5 days after your laser treatment. It is recommended to exfoliate every 2nd day after the initial 5 days, to help the hair expulsion process
* Avoid excess direct sun exposure (2 weeks) and avoid solarium visits full stop
* Apply SPF50 whenever in the sun
* Avoid active ingredient Retinol A, AHA’s if you had Laser on your face (1-2 weeks)
* Avoid facials if you had Laser on your face (5 days)
* If you want to spray tan wait (24 hours)
* Microdermabrasion, laser skin treatments, chemical peels over area (2-3 weeks)

  • How long do I wait between appointments?

Treatments are conducted normally 4-8 weeks apart depending on the area of the body being treated. These appointment times may be extended out, as it varies per body part and individuals (this will be explained to you during your course of treatments). However it is important to catch the hair in the anagen stage of growth, so as soon as you need to shave again, this is the best time.

  • Are all Laser machines the same? 

No, there are many different laser systems including diode lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, Alexandrite lasers and IPL’s (not a laser) for hair removal services. The Candela GentleLase Pro is the top of the range Alexandrite Laser which provides the best results of any system for hair removal, requiring the least amount of treatments and having the most permanent result of any system.

  • What is the difference between IPL and Candela Laser?

An IPL is commonly falsely advertised as Laser, but IPL provides a broad wavelength of light and is disperse, whereas a Laser is a single wavelength and is focused to a specific region. For this reason Laser will give a better result for a specific condition such as hair removal, than a multi-functional IPL.

  • Why can Laser results vary from clinic to clinic?

This can be due to many factors, including:

Inferior technology and machinery: Many hair removal systems in the market make promises that they often can’t replicate in the clinic. Some manufactures make wild claims appearing to be able to treat everything, at a cheap price. This should raise instant red flags. We trust Candela because we approached them, they did not approach us and were very honest and upfront with all claims. We researched the laser industry extensively before making our decision, something that I fear many operators do not do. We personally found the Candela demonstration remarkable. A lot of clinics use IPL systems and are often advertised as Laser machines, these do not give the same results.

Operators using second hand Candela machines: Candela machines are often purchased second hand online through Ebay and alike at a highly reduced price. In this way the operator can provide cheaper treatments as their investment cost is lower than that of a brand new machine. The issue with this is that a second hand machine is not maintained or serviced by qualified Candela technicians and often cheaper parts from China are used in repairs and maintenance. This can give less effective results and can even be dangerous. If you are unsure whether or not your practitioner is Candela certified, ask.  It is your right as a customer to know exactly what technology they are using for your treatments and what qualification they have.

Laser hair removal is largely unregulated in Victoria: This means that there are many people in the industry who have not had quality if any Laser training. Many have not had appropriate training on how to operate, clean or maintain the machinery. Many do not understand the contraindications of Laser and each year many people are burnt or injured due to a lack of training. A good technician should have a great knowledge of hair growth stages and how Laser actually works. Some clinics train their staff themselves with many practitioners not even knowing if they are actually using IPL or Laser.

  • Why choose Samsara to get your Laser treatments?

Samsara is locally owned and is not a business chain: When you call us for a booking you will speak to one of our caring receptionists and will receive your treatment from one of our highly qualified and trained technicians. You are also able to request your therapist so you have the same practitioner every time.

Specialised care: You can have the same technician for each of your visits, you will not just be a number to us. We want to gain a thorough understanding of what results you would like to achieve and offer you personalised and professional care.

Quality service: At Samsara we offer a higher standard of treatments, we offer organic options where possible and only use the best quality products, hence why we only considered Candela as the Laser option for our clinic. We correctly map out treatment areas, so no hairs are missed. The treatments are very precise, this takes a little more time on our end, but better and faster results for you. It is sometimes appealing to accept cheap Laser offers or sales, this is often a false economy. Treatments such as these are often rushed therefore missing hairs, in the long run you will require more treatments, involving more time and money spent.

All our Laser therapists are Candela qualified and certified: Our Laser therapists are ALL certified and qualified to use Candela GentleLase PRO machinery. Your safety, comfort and discretion is of utmost importance to us. Our Laser machine is also serviced by Candela technicians, so all parts are authentic and correctly maintained. Unfortunately this is not an industry standard and can affect quality of treatments.





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