Not coping with the stresses of life?
Feeling overwhelmed or our of control?
Tired but wired?
Or are you someone who likes to work on Personal Development?



Discover how the stresses in our daily lives affect our bodies and learn how Kinesiology can help you bring balance back into your life. Learn how foods affect not just our physical being but our mental thoughts as well. 
Create new belief systems & thought processes to fulfill your goals & discover how your subconscious may be sabotaging you from fulfilling your desired outcomes.

Kinesiology is used as a communication tool that enables us to assess and upgrade performances in all areas of our life. It is the science of energy balancing where muscles are used as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body.  These imbalances may relate to stress, nutrition, learning difficulties, minor injuries, trauma and other issues we meet in daily life.

Our bodies have innate healing energy and is at all times doing its best to care for itself, however due to the stresses we place on our bodies it sometimes needs added help. Kinesiology recognises there is a flow of energy within the body that relates to the muscles, but most importantly to every cell and organ.  It works at balancing the body as a “whole” on the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels. This therapy looks beyond symptoms and identifies & clears “energy blockages” within the body so that the body can get on with its own healing process.

Kinesiology is non-invasive and uses muscle feedback (muscle testing) and body awareness to help reduce pain and stress, promote health and wellbeing and improve performance at home, work, school, sports and with relationships.

Who may benefit from it?

    • Everyone!!  From babies to the elderly.

    Kinesiology can benefit the following issues:

      • Stress / anxiety / depression / grief / mood swings / trauma
      • Low energy / fatigue
      • Fears and phobias
      • Digestive disorders / allergies / sensitivities / cravings
      • Sleep disturbances
      • Learning difficulties (adults and children)

      Kinesiology can also help you:

        • Experience a deep sense of peace
        • Move through life changes
        • Free your creative expression
        • Find purpose and direction
        • Reconnect to your passion and joy
        • Improve memory and concentration
        • Clear blocks and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs

        What can I expect from a kinesiology session?

          In your initial consultation, a case history is taken to establish the primary issues you wish to resolve and what you hope to achieve. Kinesiology sessions are conducted fully clothed, lying face up on a massage table. Muscle testing (a painless technique is used to identify the nature of the underlying stress and which techniques are required to bring the body to a state of balance and harmony. A combination of Eastern & Western techniques are used, including:

          • Acupressure
          • Emotional stress release
          • Brain gym
          • Muscle correction techniques
          • Lymph and blood reflexes
          • Crystal work
          • Chakra and meridian balancing
          • Visualisation, colour and sound therapy

        Kinesiology Prices

        • Initial consult (90 mins)
        • Subsequent (60 mins)
        • Children – under 12 (30 mins)
        • Balances (30 mins)



          “Following my session with Lisa, I am continuously amazed at the positive changes in my life. Lisa has equipped me with the tools to move forward and has enabled me to not store the grief and anxiety in my body. I cannot wait for my next session. What a wonderful gift to be able to help people in such a way.”  ~ J.G, Rye

          “Lisa is a great communicator. I clearly understood what my journey was to be today and what I would expect from my Kinesiology session. She has a calm & friendly demeanour and is very encouraging. Most of all she made me feel completely at ease.  I came in an emotional mess & left the session feeling invigorated & calm.  I had a warm sense of achievement after my sessions & am looking forward to more.” ~Tania R, Mentone

          “My kinesiology balances with Lisa have helped me to identify and unlock some past experiences that were holding me back. These sessions have improved many aspects of my life and have helped me to achieve my goals. Lisa is a gentle, caring and encouraging practitioner who has a great passion for what she does. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to experience the emotional and physical benefits that kinesiology provides.” ~ Erin, Geelong

          “I was originally sceptical about having a session, post my elbow operation. I was anxious after being told by my surgeon that I would be off work (carpentry) for 4 – 6 weeks and that recovery could be quite painful. I felt a sense of calm after the session but most noticeably was my recovery after my operation. I was back on light duties after 10 days & back to normal duties after 2 weeks & did not need to take any of the pain medication that was prescribed by the surgeon. ~ B.T, Rye

          “Kinesiology sessions with Lisa have helped me think outside the square and to approach my wellbeing in a new light & with a different perspective. Discovering the sabotages that my subconscious was holding was fascinating. Gaining new awareness and outlooks have helped me recognise that I have a CHOICE now in how I handle situations in my life rather than me feeling out of control when faced with challenging situations.” ~ J.W, Rye

          “Lisa’s kind, gentle and loving personality shines through with her kinesiology work. I found this to be a truly rewarding experience and would highly recommend Lisa.” ~ M.B, Tootgarook

          “My children love coming to see Lisa. Her experience with children clearly shines through. Completing the recommended exercises at home with the children makes a big difference to their focus and concentration. The techniques can even be done on the way to school in the car.  They are very easy, fun & are clearly making improvements. ~ L.T, St Andrews Beach


        Balances (30 minute power sessions)

        • Energiser Goal Balance

        Do you have goals in your life you have set but finding it challenging to reach them?  An energizer goal balance may help remove sabotage programming and blocked energy that is preventing you from reaching your goals; helping you to feel empowered, motivated and excited about what lies ahead.   These goals may be focused around career, family, health  or performance etc.

        • Meridian Tracing

        Meridians are energy pathways that run through our body.  The meridians are associated with organs and their functions and are named after the corresponding organs.  Meridians can be over-energised or blocked. The kinesiologist traces along the meridian lines over the clients body stimulating even energy flow, improving overall energy of the client.

        • Neuro Lymphatic (NL) Reflex Balance

        It is important to note here that these points do not correspond in location to that of Lymph glands.  Massaging of these points unlocks the lymph “energy” flow in the muscles and related organs.  These points can often be tender but the balance is a great energy booster.
        Contra-indications: Not suitable for people with Lymphatic Cancer

        • Neuro Emotional (NE) Reflex Balance

        This balance helps relieve stress, improve muscle tone and boost energy.  Results may include higher stress tolerance, calmer disposition & improvement in visceral (gut) conditions.

        • Neuro Vascular (NV) Reflex Balance

        This is a calming and soothing session for de-stressing when one may be feeling overwrought.  It unlocks the vascular energy flow in muscles and their related organs.

        • Gait Reflex Balance

        Thinking metaphysically; how are you handling things?  Do you feel you can move forward in life smoothly?  Is there are fear of change or stepping out? Are you comfortable in your own skin?  This Balance involves the rubbing of specific acupressure points of the hands and feet.

        • Time of Day Balance

        Is Jet lag or day lights savings making you feel out of sorts.  Then this is the balance for you, to restore that energy.

        • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

        This balance aids in re-balancing our emotions and releasing pent-up energy.  A sense of lightness, relaxation and a lifting of mental fog can be released.   Vision and hearing may appear more acute.  Good for specific stressful situations.

        • 14 Muscle Balance

        A great balance for first timers.  Fourteen muscles are tested on the body for a stress response and corrected.  The correction may include meridian running, NL reflex points, NE reflex points, NV reflex points, ESR or nutrition.


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