KEY WORDS to help assist you into a great labour…

I think it’s important to remember pain and stress are normal components of labour and giving birth. The pain is not forever, there is an end point. The pain isn’t something you have to be afraid of, it’s your body and brains way of signalling and communicating with each other. With the increasing intensity of contractions, you are getting closer to meeting your bub.

Imagine a rough ocean with large waves. Instead of battling against every wave; you can relax in the breaks and go with the flow to get yourself over each wave; the same goes with the contractions. In between each contraction I used a Gentle Birth technique where I envisioned I was asleep, completely relaxed, eyes closed and allowing my body to surrender; to completely rest and rejuvenate for those brief moments. It helps increase your vital energy, ready for the next wave of contractions. Trust me, anything that helps bring your energy up is so helpful in the final stages of labour!

One of the best things I was taught during my pregnancy was to use KEY WORDS that best describe what you need and want in your up and coming labour. Mentally repeat these to yourself in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, while allowing your body to relax and release any tension you currently feel.

My key words were:

  • OPEN
  • FLOW

It was important for me (normally a self control freak) to completely surrender and trust my body, my instincts and my partner’s support going into labour. I wanted to remain flexible physically, but also mentally and emotionally with the options that may occur on the day. Openness within my body, but again being open to how my labour may play out. And last but not least, to relax and flow and to allow my body to use it’s primal instincts to guide me through an empowering experience. All which then happened.


~ Written by Gemma Linnell

*Disclaimer this is just an example, one way that can assist you into an empowering labour, this is purely based on my personal experience and what helped me.



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