Inner Child Healing

There is profound healing within us when we love and nurture ourselves. Build your own self love, by being gentle and kind to your inner child. Use positive affirmations to release what no longer serves you from your childhood experiences. Create a deep sense of joy and fulfilment in your life. Learn a simple, easy meditation that you can use every day to heal your inner child.

What do you gain?

“Soul affirmation” provides, powerful easy to use meditation and mentoring techniques which support you to create a life you love.

Our beliefs often shape our world, create new beliefs which help you to grow spiritually. The most important journey you can take is following your heart and being true to you.

Your gifts were not given to you for you to play small. Give yourself permission to be your true authentic self. When we learn to love ourselves we master our emotions and we love all our experiences.

What we choose to think and how we choose to feel, is very powerful, it transforms us and our world.

Change your life

Are you suffering from a certain emptiness and you are not sure why?

Have you ever been in a room filled with family and friends, and still feel a sadness and disconnection, that you cannot explain? Are you crying on the inside and faking a smile on the outside? This maybe your wounded inner child, seeking attention and healing.

Some of us have experienced childhood traumas, that have left us feeling broken hearted, abandoned, betrayed, abused and angry. As we become adults, these emotions do not automatically resolve themselves, unless we do the work to heal them. The wounds of our inner child begin to take over our interpersonal relationships, in very unexpected ways.

It is necessary to own and honor the child we were, in order to LOVE the person, we desire to be. The only way to do that, is to acknowledge our child’s experiences, honor that child’s feelings, and release the emotional wounds that s/he is still carrying around.

How Inner Child Healing works

Inner child work is the process of loving, connecting, embracing, and healing your inner child. Your inner child represents the innocent part of you, when you were a child, the part of you which can experience wonder, joy, sensitivity and playfulness.

Using guided meditation and visualization techniques, enables us to create a feeling of deep relaxation and when we are in this relaxed state it is easy to access the powerful part of our brain known as the subconscious.

During your session, you will move from your analytical part of your brain, into your subconscious mind, in this state, you will be able to release deep feelings and instill changes to help you overcome fears, and increase your self-worth, confidence and self-love.

During a session you will:

    • Increase your self value
    • Create positive self talk
    • Allow your self to trust
    • Build your self esteem
    • Allow more abundance
    • Live in a state of love

Inner Child Healing can also assist with:

    • Heal Emotional Wounds
    • Create Inner Peace
    • Self Esteem
    • Confidence
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Release Fear
    • Release Self Sabotaging Beliefs


  • Please allow 60-90 minutes



  • 60 minute session

5 session Package

  • 5 session Package



“As the adult, it is time 
to re-parent, make peace  
with and heal your  
wounded inner child. 

Understanding that  
what happened in  
your childhood was 
not your fault. 

Now is the time to  
claim the life you 
have always been 
destined to live and 
tell your little child self, 

You are beautiful  
You are enough 
You are loved” 

~By Randi G Fine 



About Christine Dinas

Christine is a qualified Counsellor, Naturopath, Inner Child Therapist, Guided Meditation Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, with 25 years’ experience in Personal Development, supporting people to achieve optimum well being of mind body and spirit.


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