When it comes to Child birth as a first time experience there is so much information and advice available online in books and from well meaning friends and relatives, who all want to share their most dramatic and sensational stories. It can create confusion and anxiety as you approach the most wonderful miraculous event of your life.

Ultimately the experience of growing a new life from a single cell to a fully formed baby is a miraculous awe inspiring journey that can be a life changing experience. At Samsara we love helping new Mums to take control of their pregnancy journey with the knowledge and tools to move towards the birth experience in a way that enables a gentle transition for your baby from the warm protected sanctuary of your body, into the outside world in a positive, safe and supported way.

The Gentle Birth Program is based in building skills and knowledge designed to nurture a beautiful bond from conception through to birth and beyond. We use modern hypnosis and mindful activities that assist you to make decisions and choices that resonate with your lifestyle and belief systems and eliminate any unnecessary worries or concerns.

Our formula has been developed to incorporate tried and tested methods, that embrace the fundamentals of a normal natural birth in a way that compliments hospital anti-natal classes, but without the constraints of a busy institutionalised setting. You will have guidance and support in writing your birth plan and understanding the many options on offer. Our aim is to help you build the confidence to listen to your body and birth your baby naturally. We will supply you with guided meditations, self hypnosis and effective relaxation techniques and practice times with your birth partner, so that you are both well equipped to communicate your desires to caregivers and medical professionals clearly and calmly throughout this emotional and inspiring transition to the safe arrival of your newborn child.


  • Initial
  • Subsequent
  • Pay all 4 sessions upfront
    $460 (saving $50)
  • *Please allow 90 mins for your initial appointment and 60 mins on subsequent appointments.

    *We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions and to start your sessions in your 2nd trimester.

    *10% applies if you have a concession card.



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