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Eyelash Extension Full Sets

  • Classic Full Set
  • Hybrid Full Set
  • Russian Volume Full Set


Eyelash Extension Refills

  • Short Appointment (allow 45mins)

  • *Recommended as the most common refill appointment if well cared for lashes, up to 2 week refills, or 1/3 or less of the eyelashes need refilling.

  • Standard Appointment (allow 60 mins)

  • *Recommended as the most common refill appointment if well cared for lashes, 2-3 week refills, or 1/2 or less of the eyelashes need refilling.

  • Long Appointment (allow 75 mins)

  • *Recommended as an advanced touch up, if they haven’t been looked after well or either 3+ weeks between refills, any more than 3/4 needing refills we need to book a full set again.

  • Hybrid
    + $5
  • Russian Volume
    + $10

  • Removal





FAQ about Eyelash Extensions

    How long does it take to get eyelash extensions?
    A Classic Full Set will typically take up to 90-110mins. Our Russian Volume Full Set & Hybrid Full Set can take up to 120 minutes. Refills can typically vary from 45-75 mins, depending on how well the lashes are cared for and how long it is in between refills. 

    What’s the difference between Classic, Hybrid and Russian Volume Sets?
    Classic Set of lashes are applied 1:1 (1 silk false lash per 1 real lash).
    Hybrid Set of lashes are a mix of the 1:1 (Classic lashes) and the Russian Volume lashes to create a lighter volume look.
    Russian Volume sets come as 3+ silk lashes that attached to 1 real lash. (Known as 3D or 4D depending on the number of lashes). This look is designed for the lovers of thick, fluffy, full volume lashes.

    Varying thickness and lengths are available, we stock C and D curl lashes (C curl fans outwards more & D curl fans upwards more). You may request the type of look you are after, or ask our Lash Technician what she suggests with our free 10min lash consult prior to any new sets.

    How are they stuck on?
    With a specialised eyelash glue, each lash is individually applied to your own natural lashes. It is really important to have a good quality glue for lash retention, we have sourced from multiple suppliers over the years and have found our favourite! We also have a primer that is used to clean your lashes if you have naturally oily lids or lashes, this improves glue adhering and increases retention. 

    How long will they last?
    Your natural lashes shed approximately every 28 days, so your false eyelashes will fall when your natural lash does. It is important not to pull or play with the false lashes so they stay looking fuller for longer! Most people typically get their lashes refilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best. *Please note if your lash refill is left too long or you have not looked after them, a full set payment and time will be required again. 

    What if I want to take them off?
    No problem, we have removal cream. (Prices to the left)

    How often should I get them filled for a long lasting result?
    Everyone varies, usually 2-3 weeks for the best results.

    Is there any pain or discomfort involved?
    No pain. You can literally fall to sleep having the lashes put on!

    Can people with sensitive skin have a reaction to them?
    We personally haven’t had any, if you are really concerned we can also do a test patch of the glue.

    Do they feel heavy or uncomfortable once on?
    If you have never had false eyelash extensions before, then at first you can notice them a little bit. You get used to them though and you will barely know they are on from the feeling. We actually find our clients are pleasantly surprised with the lightness of our Russian Volume.

    Do they look natural?
    We have all different sizes so it is suited for everyone! If you want shorter lashes just inform our beauty therapist prior to starting, otherwise typically they will do 1/3 longer than your natural lash so it looks flattering but not over the top. It is important not to go longer then 1/3 of your natural lash, to keep your natural lashes healthy (don’t want to cause any damage!). The Russian Volume Sets are more dramatic with thickness, but will give you that  full effect. The C curl is more natural as well. The D curl sits up right more and can look a bit more dramatic, if you prefer that style. 

    Will I still need to apply mascara?
    Not at all! It’s actually recommended not to apply mascara so your false lashes last longer. They are a black colour, so they look like they have mascara on them already. If you have blonde or fair coloured natural lashes we can always tint them prior to an initial set as well, which makes them look even thicker!

    How do I clean them? And what will happen to them if I do put mascara on them?
    The lashes may not last as long if you put mascara on, Organic Spa (in store) has a special oil free cleanser– which is perfect for anyone with eyelash extensions. If you use another brand, make sure there isn’t oil in the ingredients or coconut oil (it strips the glue and drastically reduces the lash retention). It is important to cleanse your lashes to prevent build up at the new lashes follicle, gently apply the above suggested cleanser to a closed eye and follow the lashes downwards and then rinse, pat dry. 

    Can I go to the beach or the pool with eyelash extensions, does salt water or chlorine affect them?
    In the first 24 hours do NOT get them wet, so the glue adheres correctly and your lashes last. After this time, when you get them wet, make sure you pat your eyes dry- do not rub. But you can swim away while you have lashes! You won’t have the worry of panda eyes at the beach either!! Make sure you cleanse and clean your lashes with a specialised lash cleanser. 

    What if my eye brows or eye lashes are really fair?
    If your eyelashes are blonde, we suggest to tint them first which will make the eyelash extensions look thicker, but you don’t have to. We can tint your eyebrows too if you want, we have all different shades to match in with your hair colour. 

    Are only qualified people allowed to apply eyelash extensions?
    There is no regulating body in Australia checking if the Lash Technician’s are qualified, so it is left to consumers to do their research. It is important to find some one qualified and knows their stuff! All our girls at Samsara are qualified Beauty Therapists, Skin Therapists & Lash Technicians with the most up to date training and certificates to ensure quality and safety. 

    Can eyelash extensions lead to an increased chance of eye infection?
    All our tweezers and equipment are 100% sanitised and sterile for individual use. If the therapists are not properly trained they can block the eyelash follicle, which can cause sty’s… that’s why we recommend going to a highly trained lash therapist or clinic like us! The other complication can be if the false lashes are too heavy for your natural lash – so chat to us about the correct sizing for you!

    Can I get a Full Set else where and Refill at Samsara?
    No, as we cannot take responsibility for external business’ work or refilling someone’s work. This is because every lash tech uses different brands/ glues/ primers/ techniques. If we supply our own Full Set and Refills, we know the quality and service given and we can guarantee our work.

    Feel free to organise a free 10 minute eyelash consult; that way you know what will be the best way to have beautiful falsies and keep your natural lashes happy too!


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