Diana has always been interested in helping women overcome challenges, achieve their goals and expand their experiences. Diana’s interest in people and their needs and stories led to a career as a Ladies Fitness Centre owner, a teacher, a foster carer and now a Life Coach. Diana’s passion lies with empowering women to evolve from life’s many and varied challenges..

A significant period of health and personal transformation began for Diana when she realised that 101kg for her 4ft10 frame was dangerous to her health and as a single mother of 8 it was imperative that she took action. Further to this Diana was in an abusive relationship, where simply surviving each day was her goal.

Ever the eternal learner Diana undertook a short course in nutrition, a course to become a fitness and aerobics instructor and a gym instructor. This step triggered a great love of learning and a desire for knowledge, resulting in her return to formal education, achieving her VCE in 2006, Bachelor of Education in 2010 and Master of Education 2016. From here, Diana studied Life Coaching and Hypnosis and looks forward to becoming an NLP Practitioner.

Diana now coaches a diverse range of people, striving to set goals, to grow and maximize their strengths, reach their potential, and achieve results. Diana works together with her clients through areas of parenting, health and fitness, business, relationships, weight loss and personal development.


Available Days

Tuesdays 10am – 1.30pm

Other days and appointments available via request