Arthur is a fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of experience in treating people from a holistic perspective. He has a very unique, intuitive approach to find the cause of ill health and assists people individual constitution to bring them to a state of balance and harmony; where clients actually feel a sense of natural vitality so they can create a life of great physical health, emotional well being, calm mind and joyful spirit.

The key principles he works with is compassion accurate diagnosis and helping clients to empower themselves to take responsibility to facilitate the healing process.

Arthur has extensive experience in treating many women’s health issues, stress, anxiety, low energy, digestive conditions, back and neck conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, headaches and many other conditions.

Recently Arthur has also done extensive training in esoteric acupuncture and IChing balance method.

These treatments help facilitate and an expanded state of integrative awareness that allows clients to change their perceptions of life. It assists them to attain a meditative state of mind where healing in many different levels take place.

Most client report a more clear, relaxed, calm, joyful state of being with a new and fresh outlook on life and relationships.

Arthur uses a combination of acupuncture , herbs, nutrition, lifestyle advice and energy conducting or movement exercise to facilitate a natural flow of vital energy so health can be restored.


Available Days

Thursdays 3 – 8pm

Fridays 10am – 3pm