There comes a time when we all benefit from having someone to talk to, to be heard, validated and understood. Samsara offers this service.

Whether you are experiencing emotional or mental pain, counselling can help the lift the dark veil and start to bring some light and clarity to what is happening in your life.

Counselling is great to help build your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as helping to change your limiting beliefs.

It will help to provide you with tools and strategies that can help support you right away.

Counselling is a supportive way to help give relief from depression, anxiety, loneliness, body image issues, self-harm, relationship breakdown and addictive behaviours.

Couples Counselling

Fed up arguing with your partner? There is a solution.
Had enough of going over the same stuff and not finding the resolution?
Do you feel you are not being heard or understood? Would you like to understand the language between men and women?

The dynamics between males and females is very different. Our physiological responses, our languages and our needs are different between men and women.

The counselling that Louise Plant offers helps couples to understand the dynamics of this and to help provide solutions to allow you to be able to satisfy your own needs, plus also open the channels of love and communication between couples, along with fulfilling the needs of you as a couple.

Organise an appointment; to bring the love back into your relationship.

Counselling Prices

  • Counselling 1hr
  • Couples Counselling 1hr




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