Concomitant Healing

It is known that the body stores the memory of many events from the life of the person, within itself. The body is set up to have many lines of security to protect itself. This is a survival instinct. Within the body it is most difficult to injure the brain and the heart because they are the most vital organs. It is most simple to damage the nerve endings of the fingers because they are the least vital.

Therefore, the body physically protects what is most important the most, and what is least important, the least. This means that it protects what is half as important as the heart or the brain about half as much. The same concept applies to the nervous system and the emotions that it protects. Because emotions and the flow of the nervous system are not always able to be physically protected, they are protected by the body by storing them in a number of places. The outcome of this is that is takes more than one point to fix a physical problem within the body which relates to the storage of an emotional issue or the flow of energy through the body. Its self protection mechanism means the healer will have to follow the pattern of the body as to where these issues are stored and heal them one after the other until the lot have been done. This is the secret and the essence of concomitant healing. It deals with healing the physical body from physical problems, caused by the storage of emotional issues or physical problems that affect the flow of energy from the nervous system.

It is a healing modality requiring the application of considerable pressure to precise bodily points using the thumb, forefinger or index finger, depending on the amount of force required. This healing is designed to not only increase the flow of energy through the body but also to release the points of tensions within the muscular structure where the emotional issues are trapped. Because humans allow emotions to affect them again and again, concomitant healing is not a permanent fix. It will work for physical respite only as long as the person is able to exclude the negative emotions impacting upon them. It is an exquisite craft, a form of healing from the earliest times.

What does Concomitant Healing involve?

During the treatment, you are fully clothed. The practitioner synchronises into where you are currently holding your emotional pain. A map of tender points follows, deep tissue pressure is applied over the spot to physically release the emotional problem trapped in that tissue. Every session is completely tailored to each individual’s emotional holding patterns and needs at the time of treatment.

Concomitant Healing Price

  • Concomitant Healing (45-60 mins)


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