It’s time to talk about 💩 .. (Colonic Hydrotherapy)

While Clarissa does not diagnose illness, she certainly does observe tell-tale signs about the condition of the body. Clarissa respects that some clients would prefer to know nothing and others would like to know the Physical and Emotional blocks or their body’s feedback during a session.. There is a viewing section in the machine, so you can see what is literally coming out! A lot of people are skirmish by this idea at first and you do not have to look at all if you don’t want to, most people once they are relaxed and feeling comfortable are super interested in seeing what is clearing and knowing about their current digestive state.

Our Colonic’s machine is a closed system (no odour) and you would be surprised how easy the process is. Clarissa understands this can be a new experience, or fearful idea for some clients. Rest assured she prides herself in a comfortable treatment and loves treating newbies and fellow Colonic lovers the same.


Did you know

  • The average person has 1-5 Kg of debris in the colon?
  • We are supposed to use our bowels 2-4 times a day, less than 3% of the world population achieve this. Emotional as well as physical triggers can cause this.
  • Colonics help us release our blockages physically and emotionally.
  • All the systems in the body rely on the elimination systems of the body to maintain optimal health. Optimal health is only achievable with a healthy bowel.
  • Colonics is not just a tube up your bottom, it helps you work with blockages that prevent positive life-style changes. It helps you with your relationship with yourself, your food and your emotions.


How does Colonic’s physically help?

1) Cleanses the Colon:
Toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit absorption and elimination. Even stagnant debris built up over a long period is gently, but surely removed in the process of a series of treatments. Colonic treatments are rejuvenating as your colon can begin again to operate as it was intended to.

2) Helps to exercises the Colon Muscles:
The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon by Hydrotherapy improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material.

3) It Reshapes the Colon:
When problem conditions exist in the large intestine, they tend to alter its shape. The gentle action of the water with Colonics, coupled with specific massage techniques from Clarissa on the abdomen helps to eliminate bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions enabling the colon to resume its natural state and function.

4) It Stimulates Reflex Points:
Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points, Colonics stimulates these points, affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way to get the entire digestive pathway working more effectively.


What does my poop say about my Physical Health?

  • Small, “pellets” of stool– indicates dehydration
  • Black coloured stool– indicates excessive meat intake, or old stool
  • Stool leaves residue– ‘sticky’ texture indicates lack of fiber, excessive consumption of processed foods, meat or dairy
  • Brown fibrous, bulky stool, leaves no residue– healthy stool
  • Pale coloured stool– indicates over consumption of dairy food
  • Bubbles– gas, toxins
  • Foamy bubbles– fermentation, poor food combining, legumes or food staying in the body too long and fermenting
  • Bright yellow water– toxicity, bile, common to see when doing a detox program
  • Bright orangey/brown water– ammonia/acidity
  • Cloudy whitish appearance to water– candida/yeast
  • White or off-white stringy stuff– mucous, mucoid plaques
  • Pieces of mucous with tiny amounts of blood attached– indication of parasites
  • Pieces of food– eating too fast/not chewing enough or improper digestion


So what about the Emotional benefits?

How we process or “digest” the external world we live in, heavily impacts how our internal digestive pathways are functioning too, it’s almost like a mirror. Do you hold onto problems? Feel resentment? Or do you like to deal with things and move along quickly? Do you internalise “negative” emotions? Do you bottle things up? Keep your emotions to yourself? Or are you open and expressive? Depending on how you naturally process events in your life, will reflect on how you process your foods and how your body detoxifies.

Another example is, ever felt really anxious? And you can feel your stomach churning, or you feel nausea or even get nervous poops? Well that’s your emotions (how you are process an external stimulant) directly impacting your digestion and bowel movements.

The colon is where the body stores waste products and toxins ready for elimination, so it makes sense that if we have emotional and spiritual ‘waste’ then this can be released via our colon too. If you are open to it, during a Colonics try to release anything that is no longer serving you – whether it be old emotions, unhelpful behaviour patterns or unresolved anger. This is one reason why people often say they feel lighter after a treatment, not only in their gut, but also in their mind.


So what emotions are directly affected or stored in the colon?

Ascending colon = Anger

Your ascending colon sits just below your liver on the right-hand side of your abdomen. Energetically your liver is a fiery organ, hence the ascending colon adopts some of this fire to represent unresolved anger. If you regularly feel pain in this area, it’s quite possible you have some old hurt that needs clearing so that you can move forward both physically and emotionally. I encourage you to tap into this emotion during your colonic. You will often witness a big physical release exiting the viewing tube towards the end of your treatment as you focus on clearing this anger.

Transverse colon = Anxiety and worry

Your transverse colon is positioned from right to left across your mid-section. We generally feel anxiety in the pit of our stomach, correct? This is because our gut and brain are so closely interconnected, that any imbalance in the gut is going to be reflected in both organs. A good technique to release this anxiety during your treatment is to take some deep low breaths to send a heap of oxygen-rich blood to your colon muscles and re-engage this area.

Descending colon = Sadness and fear

Your descending colon travels down your left-hand side of your abdomen, from your ribs to your hips, and is strongly correlated with feelings of sadness, loss and fear. Physically, the descending colon is one of the last parts waste will travel before leaving your body. Similarly, feelings of sadness, loss and fear can be so deep-rooted, that they are the last emotions we cleanse and process. People who experience discomfort in this location often benefit from a colon cleanse, as it chips away at years’ worth of waste and can help with a fresh start or new perspectives.” (How emotions affect your colon: credit and source Joel Grace via Holistic Bliss Magazine).


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