It’s about the Blood (Women’s Health)

Women’s Health is my (Lauren’s) passion, and for me, its all about the blood. We are truly amazing creatures that keep family lines running and for us, it is literally about blood ties. We share our blood with our offspring, who pass it down to theirs and so on. We loose blood each month or so, we build new blood to replace it on a regular basis and with it comes memory, history, our individual story. We are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Women, and we are all linked by our blood.

In society today, we do not speak of our blood as much as our Ancestors did. These women, who were our foundation, knew that our health and well being could be read by our blood, that discussing how we bleed and the importance of it bound us together. My daughter discovered 3 years ago that she would one day bleed when she was 2 and followed me to the bathroom. Since that day we have always discussed what happens when women bleed, why we bleed and what a privilege it is as she will hopefully one day be able to carry my families next generation. I explain to my children how they are bound to me and my mother and her mother before her. She knows that it is normal and something to be discussed openly whenever she feels the need, hopefully in the future when she begins to bleed too.

We now medicalise our bleeding, it is an annoyance, an inconvenience that can be controlled or stopped all together. We do not listen to what our blood is telling us about our health. If it is hard, painful, irregular, heavy, even easy, we carry on as if it is any other day, we don’t modify our out-put, we don’t take it easy, honour our bodies or even talk about it. But our blood holds clues to what is happening inside our bodies down to our core constitution. When we modify our bleeding, we miss clues, signals, vital information. If our bleeding is hard, which it often is for many reasons, we should by no means ignore it, but we can discuss it and seek out those who can help decipher what our bodies are whispering, and sometimes shouting at us, through our blood. When we understand and modify our lives, we also help heal our mothers, children and sisters who may have similar issues. We give them permission to discover what their bodies are saying.

In Chinese Medicine blood is a vital substance and can be read to discover patterns of disharmony within each individuals body. No woman is an island and does not have to ignore her bleeding or suffer pain alone. She can seek out help and still honour her body.


Written by: Lauren Sanderson-Young
BHSc (Acupuncture)

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