Overcome Anxiety: Artfully Calm Launch


  • Do you suffer from anxiety?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed often?
  • Do you want to understand more about your emotions the physical symptoms that arise?
  • Do you want to feel calmer?
  • Do you want some easy strategies to help you move from Anxiety and overwhelmed to Awesome?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, Samsara is super excited to announce that we will be hosting the launch of Artfully Calm locally designed and made with you in mind.

Artfully Calm is a self-help toolkit that is jam packed full of strategies that are simple and easy to use and designed to help you move from anxious and overwhelmed to calm and content. The author of Artfully Calm is our very own Clinical Hypnotherapist Tessa du Toit.

Tessa has been working with clients suffering from a variety of anxiety disorders for more than a decade. The techniques included in the self-help kit have been put together as a cost effective way for you to find ways to empower yourself, there is no psycho babble or technical language! At the launch Tessa will give us a brief overview of how the kit can be used.


For those who feel that this could be of benefit to themselves or loved ones.

The Artfully Calm 3 hrs hands on Workshop will be an opportunity to dive more into a few of the strategies.


Artfully Calm 4 weeks of 1 hour classes to help you find helpful methods to find ways to deal with situations that otherwise may be overwhelming.





Bookings are essential
RSVP (Tess) 0418 272 695 (Samsara) 5982 3571


Who is the presenter?

Tessa Du Toit: Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Counsellor and Mindfulness Meditation Facilitaor.

“Tessa has worked with people experiencing anxiety and stress related disorders for over a decade. The techniques in this kit have been gathered over many years and succesfully implemented to assist hundred of people to reach their full potential and enjoy life in a more comfrtable and contended manner.”